Saturday, January 23, 2010

*** $ Morenita Cream Sherry, Vino de Artesania, Hidalgo, Spain, NV - Wine Review and Rating

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Original Review:

By way of background: The Morenita Cream Sherry, Vino de Artesania, from Hidalgo, is a lightly sweet Spanish sherry, finished at 17% alcohol.   The term "cream sherry" typically designates a sweet sherry of blended grapes, in this case Palomino and Pedro Ximénez.  

In the glass: Morenita shows as light caramel in the glass, looking more like whiskey than wine.

On the nose: Poured very cool, without a decant and swirled vigorously, the sherry  offers tangy raisiny fruitcake to the nose.

On the palate: The first element on the palate is a mouth-filling, full, sweet and tangy caramel.  The caramel holds fast, lifted by the alcohol and very light acids through your palate.  Light salty overtone too.

And the finish: The alcohol and sugar brings the Morenita to a slow finish, staying clean the whole way.

In summary: Overall, a simple, solid, pleasant experience. Rates three stars on the five-star Spirit of Wine scale.  At the bargain price level, this becomes a best value.

Wine Enthusiast awarded 90 points, saying, ""Smooth and sweet, like a cream Sherry is supposed to be. On the nose, this one easily shifts from ripe apricot and peach fruit to nuts and saline. The palate starts with a blast of coffee and mocha and then folds in brown sugar and spice. Sweet, long and generous, with accents of cinnamon, clove and mild chocolate. Uncomplicated."

Find Morenita Cream Sherry at WineZap.

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