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Review: ***+ **** $$ Renacer Punto Final Reserva Malbec, 2006 and 2005, Argentina = GOOD and BEST VALUES

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By way of background: Punto Final Reserva Malbec, 2006, from Renacer, contains 99% malbec and 1% cabernet franc from Argentina, aged for 10 months in French oak.  It was sourced from vineyards whose vines were over 50 years of age

In the glass: Punto Final Reserva Malbec shows as thick dark purple, opaque to within a quarter inch of the edge of the glass.

On the nose: Poured without a decant and swirled vigorously, the wine carries a potent purple ink blast. Solid but unidimensional.

On the palate: The first element is a bright-hued red stone fruit flavor simultaneously hitting the tip of your tongue and the roof of your mouth.  It settles into a more balanced, lush flush of fruit across your tongue.  There is sweet, bright red fruit right out to your cheeks.

And the finish: Punto Malbec sits with a broad, sweet, tangy, somewhat alcoholic finish tucked deep into your cheeks.  Good length.

In summary: Overall, a potent and bright experience.  Three stars on the five-star Spirit of Wine scale, also has some promise for aging and decanting.  Might tone down the bright edges a bit, and add a few layers.

Jay Miller of Wine Advocate awarded a whopping 92 points, saying, "Opaque purple-colored, it offers up a fragrant bouquet of cedar, scorched earth, lavender, and black cherry. Layered, dense, and concentrated, it has tons of savory black fruit, spice notes, and excellent balance. This lengthy effort can be enjoyed now but will evolve in the bottle for 2-3 years."

Updated review, over a year and a half later, October, 2011: Consistent in color and nose.  Also consistent on the palate, with solid stone fruit and good length. Following long decant, full day kept cool in partially filled bottle: Knitted and aromatic lush purple berries. Full and flush rich mineral-tinged fruit. Adds a plus for layers.Good value.


Updated review, a completely different vintage, 2005, sampled nine years from vintage date, May, 2014: Still thick dark purple in the glass.  Purple and black ink on the nose, but with power held in reserve.   Seems to be potent.  Sweet, fragrant fruit of slightly gritty violets is the first note, with an edge of clean sugar and tannins that surround the sip.  Light, sweet acids crawl across the tannins and glide up your cheeks, bringing along a sweet but dark - almost charcoal-tinged - fruit.  Finish is bright, sweet and satisfying.  Touches four stars and becomes a best value.  Held up remarkably well to the nearly decade of age.

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