Wednesday, March 10, 2010

CANCELLED: Choice Eats: Village Voice Tasting Event 2010 visit

At least, Spirit of Wine participation in this event is CANCELLED.  After stringing our reviewer along for over four weeks, requesting (virtually demanding) advance publicity, pointing out that advance publicity hadn't been provided early enough, and sending one promotional notice after another, the event managers for Village Voice's Choice Eats (Big Picture Media Online) finally emailed to say our coverage would not be welcome.  So we'll avoid this event, frankly with pleasure.

The reason it is with pleasure, is that 2009 reports indicated that crowd management was not well tuned at all.  So reports like this from were fairly common: "Boy, were there a lot of bodies in there. So many that at times, it didn't feel worth the "No, I was really here first" look. Our strategy—to avoid the super insane long lines in the beginning, and hit them up at the end—was so wrong. They ran out of goods! Duh, us."

We can appreciate why the Village Voice- hired event managers are sticking to media outlets that they can virtually guarantee, in advance, will provide only positive reviews.  Shortsighted, but understandable.

For much more civilized and well-priced combinations of food and specifically selected wines, I'd suggest events offered by NYC-based HDL Enhancement.  For a wide range of wine tastings, consider the offerings of Fun With Wine.  Gotta keep telling it like it is!

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