Monday, March 15, 2010

*** $$ Colcheita Messias Selection Vinho Tinto, Dao, Portugal, 2003 - Wine Tasting & Review

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Original Tasting and Review:

By way of background: Colcheita Messias Selection Dao Vinho Tinto is a dry red wine from the Dao region of Portugal. The aged 2003 vintage is finished at 13.5% alcohol.

In the glass: Messias Selection Dao shows as deep muddy purple in the glass, opaque in the center.

On the nose: Poured at room temperature and swirled vigorously, this Dao varietal shows bold tobacco and ripe prune aromas, much more like a port than a typical dry red wine.  Bold and crusty.

On the palate: The first element on the palate is dry, aromatic raisins to the roof of your mouth.  A smooth, slick flow then moves along your tongue and to your cheeks.  Light tannins and acids, but a deep, thick and bold overall constitution.  

And the wrap-up: The finish is fairly simple and brief, leaving residue dry raisin as well.

In summary: Overall, a deep, bold experience, but unusual carrying these aromatic raisin and tobacco notes with no sweetness.  Put simply, port without the sugar.. Rates two stars on the five-star Spirit of Wine scale, with a definite plus for dark intrigue. 

Following decant, simulated via a vigorous shaking in a half opened bottle for a full minute: Aroma is consistent, but the palate opens up to full, rich fruit in the middle, supported by the bold tobacco edges.  The sweetness has appeared in the mid-palate with vigorous air.  Now three stars. 

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