Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Updated Review: **** $ Burley Fox Shiraz, South Eastern Australia, 2006 - BEST VALUE

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Initial review, by way of background, December, 2010: This is Burley Fox Shiraz, South Eastern Australia, 2006, a wine that I was introduced to through the 4 Seasons Wine Club originally.  For 2006, this bargain-priced shiraz is finished at 14.% alcohol.  I was a fan of the 2004 version of this, which I reviewed here

In the glass: Deep red, ruddy magenta, brick at the edges. 

On the nose: Poured cool with a brief decant and swirled vigorously, this shows shy but sweet shiraz fruit with just a hint of vegetable overtones. I notice that the vegetable blows off quickly, leaving clean shiraz fruit.

On the palate: The primary elements on the palate are a sleek lightly-candied middle, showing raspberry and black cherry.  Inky, sweet and full.  Big mouthfeel.  The finish lingers, helped along by the high alcohol, and it ends on a balanced and clean note. 

In summary: Overall, three stars on the five-star Spirit of Wine scale, with a really big plus for concentration and complexity.  The three and a half stars at a "practically free" price make this a screaming best value. With a short additional decant, this knits together further and just manages to touch four stars, meaning I would forsake other reds for an evening, and making this a crazy best value. 

Updated review, almost a year and a half later, April, 2012:Consistent color.  Clean but shy shiraz nose.  Much more flavor than the shy nose suggests.  Big, truly inky, sweet black cherries and ripe black raspberries.  Still fresh, fragrant, long-lasting and clean. Remains a solid four-star best value.

Find prices and retail availability for Burley Fox Shiraz.

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