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Face-off Review: $$$$$ Chateau Margaux, Bordeaux, France, 1982 versus 1980

Reviewer: John of DWC.

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Opening thoughts: The face-off: The legendary 1982 Chateau Margaux versus the1980 Chateau Margaux.  What more is there to say?!
By way of background: This is Chateau Margaux, Bordeaux, France, 1982.  According to the Chateau itself: "This vintage heralded a new era of perhaps unprecedented prosperity for Bordeaux, thanks to a run of extraordinary vintages and the opening up of international markets, the first of which was the United States, together with the Japanese market which was of no small importance. To find a previous vintage of comparable quality, we have to go back to 1961. The 1982 vintage can therefore be considered as the first representative of a new generation of wines which are enjoyable to drink in their youth but which lose none of their ability to age a long time. Château Margaux 1982 is a very powerful, fleshy and complex wine. The bouquet is already outstandingly rich and dense. The impression on the palate is at once of great power, roundness and suppleness. Such a balance is rare. Undoubtedly, a very long-ageing wine, but which already possesses a lot of charm. We can start drinking it now, but there is really no hurry."

Original tasting and review : Chateau Margaux 1982.

In the glass:  It is dark red ruby in the glass with little or no sign of ageing.

On the nose:On the nose, fresh soft black berry with some flowery notes.

On the palate: There is a touch of creaminess to the fruit in the mouth with some vanilla. Tannins, acidity and alcohol are all there but equally distributed from the aromas to the long finish.

By way of background: This is Chateau Margaux, Bordeaux, France, 1980.  According to the Chateau itself: "Château Margaux's success in this vintage was acknowledged by all. We were lucky to have harvested very late, after the rain, and to have done so in excellent harvesting conditions. Nevertheless, 1980 is not a great vintage: the wine has always been supple, aromatic, fine and well balanced, but it lacks power. It has developed beyond our expectations and has today become a delicate vintage, which has breed and is very enjoyable to drink. It should be drunk now, as it may dry out over the next few years."

Original tasting and review : Chateau Margaux 1980.

In the glass:  Here there was a slight sign of ageing in the color in the glass.

On the nose: On the nose, there are aromas of blackberry and some spice.

On the palate: This wine is beautiful on the palate and in its finish. But as compared to the 1982, this wine is less intensely fresh, but it is still remarkable for its age.  This wine is in its state of decline from it peak, so this 1980 is for more for drinking now than for keeping in the long term cellar.

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Check out today's pricing and retail availability for Chateau Margaux 1982.

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