Saturday, September 3, 2016

Updated Review: **** $$ Quinta da Cortezia Touriga Nacional, 2005, Vinho Regional Estremadura, Portugal = BEST VALUE

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Original Review, July, 2009: Quinta da Cortezia Touriga Nacional is made from a single local grape varietal of Portugal, touriga nacional, from the Estremadura region, which has been home to a number of excellent value-priced dry red wines. The Quinta da Cortezia estate is located a mere 30 miles north of Lisbon, Portugal's capital city. The grapes are farmed in a sustainable manner. The tourigan nacional bottling is aged in French oak barrels for 10 months, and the 2005 vintage shows up at a robust 14.5 percent alcohol. Many of the other Estremadura region reds come in somewhat lower, generally in the 12.5 percent range.

Quinta da Cortezia Touriga Nacional arrives in the glass showing a medium red tone, moving towards opaque in the center. Upon swirling, the nose is reasonably bold, showing a clean candy-apple red fruit as its most prominent tone, some dark cherry and dust.

Upon sipping, the first impact is deep into the mid-palate, with a shy full fruit blossoming at the back of the mouth once the tannins and acids release it. The dark cherry is still held in check by the big alcohol though, and seems to be trying to fight its way out of the straightjacket. Red fruits - raspberries and red currants - claw up into the reaches of your cheeks, hoisted again by the 14.5 percent alcohol. Finish is clean, but hot.

This will need a serious decant - or a few more years in bottle - before trying again. Right now, three stars because I am curious to come back to this again.

Updated review, a full four years later, now eight years from vintage date, October, 2013:  The color has moved to a slightly orangish red, still deep.  Unfortunately, aroma shows just a bit of corkiness, which may not yield appropriate tasting notes.  Soft, bright, fresh, deep red fruits on the palate.  Tangy, bold, clean finish.  Solid three stars.  Great value.

Updated review, almost three more years later, now 12 years from vintage date, September, 2016:  Color is a dark burgundy, with brick edge highlights.  Inspired by this wine: Lying on a comforter in the living room, enjoying some classic old sitcoms.  Solid red fruit, with perkiness and, yet, plenty of tannins that dig the red fruit into your cheeks and allows it to percolate for a full 30 seconds.  Moves to four stars on the Spirit of Wine scale, making this a definite best value.

Find Quinta da Cortezia Touriga Nacional pricing and retail availability.

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