Thursday, September 23, 2010

*** $ Barrelstone Syrah, 2007, Washington State - Wine Review and Rating (BEST VALUE)

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Original Review, October, 2009:

By way of background: Barrelstone Syrah is 100% Washington State syrah, finished at 13.5 % alcohol. Barrelstone moved from prior years' "Columbia Valley" designations to this "Washington State" designation. The implication is that grapes are being acquired from beyond the most-highly-regarded Columbia Valley region. This is another of the introductory Barclay's Experience wine club selections.

In the glass: Barrelstone Syrah is deep magenta, with purple highlights throughout.

On the nose: A lifted, deep, purple aroma, brought to earth with hints of earth and spice.

On the palate: The first note is a sandy, almost-sandpapery mid-palate deep red berry - let's call it very ripe currants. Acids lift it higher into your cheeks and to the back of your tongue.

And the finish: Keeps the "purple" going (by "purple", I mean that plumy element often associated with cru beaujolais). Clean finish.

In summary: Pleasant, but ultimately unremarkable experience. Seems ready now in its youthful exuberance, doesn't seem to want to age. Two stars with a plus for its solid, serious nature.

After two-day decant: Oops! I left this (and a couple of other bottles opened and unvacuumed for a two day period. So let's call it a "two-day decant" and see what we've got: Aroma has fallen considerably from its initial "lifted" characterization. A muddy, somewhat flabby blood-red aroma overall. The "sandpaper" is gone from the mid palate, leaving a fairly tired, currant and plum-toned juice. Acids hold the finish. In this case, did not hold up very well to the extra time in open bottle. Drink fresh.

Updated Review, a year later, September, 2010:  Color is consistent and purple, now with a hint of brick at rim.  Earthy and sandy purple fruit grit on the nose.  Now the red berry is sleeker, more polished, nicely balanced with hints of dark oak nicely hidden in the background.  Moves up a notch to a three full stars, making this a best value with some age.

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