Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Spirit of Wine Scale

Spirit of Wine uses two scales: one for rating (quality) and one for price. Both are quite simple and intuitive. Here they are:


Ratings are 1 to 5 stars.
Think of them this way:

* (ONE STAR): What is this?!! - I can't finish the glass.

** (TWO STARS): Interesting experience, but I'm ok if this is the last glass I ever drink.

*** (THREE STARS): I really enjoyed this and I'd like it again sometime; but I'll try another wine tonight too.

**** (FOUR STARS): I would refuse to drink anything else tonight.

***** (FIVE STARS): Get between me and this wine bottle at your own risk!!

+ (PLUS): A plus may be added to any level.


Prices are 1 to 5 dollar signs.
Think of them this way:

: Practically Free. (generally <$11 U.S.)

: Value Priced. (around $12-20 U.S.)

: Moderately Priced. (around $20-35 U.S.)

: A Splurge. (around $35-50 U.S.)

: Connoisseurs Unite! (generally >$50 U.S.)

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