Sunday, July 24, 2011

Spirit of Wine Review & Rating: *** $$ Chateau Belle-Garde Bordeaux, Genissac, France, 2008

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Original Tasting and Review:   

By way of background: Chateau Belle-Garde is a red Bordeaux from Genissac, France. The 2008 vintage is finished at 13% alcohol.

In the glass: Belle-Garde shows as deep burgundy red in the glass, almost opaque in the middle. 

On the nose: Poured cool with a brief decant and swirled vigorously, this young Bordeaux sports a classic, deep, fruity nose, with alcohol-stewed fresh plums as a primary component. 

On the palate: The first elements on the palate are a balanced mid-mouth feel, coupling fresh plum fruits with a thick, lush, rich tannin cloak.  Acids perk up from this mix, bringing sprinkles of fruit to the sides of your mouth. 

In summary: Overall, a fun balanced blend while young, still offering promise for aging because of the solid tannins.  Rates a full three stars on the Spirit of Wine scale.

This wine is featured as part of the Planet Bordeaux campaign, which is seeking to elevate the awareness of the wines of Bordeaux and Bordeaux Superieur in the United States.

Following a full-day decant, in a partial bottle, kept cool:  the nose is now softer plums.  The balanced red feel in the mid-palate remains primary, with the furry tannins and acids now more muted.

Updated review, a year later, July, 2011:  Consistent deep red color, now with some brick at the edge.  Soft woody plums on the nose now, with almost port-like overtones. This has lost its balance on the palate, now more oxidized than fresh - perhaps it had some air invasion through the seal. That could explain the port elements on the nose as well.  I do not believe this bottle to be indicative, so will not provide a comparison rating.

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