Saturday, March 4, 2017

Mollydooker 2005 Face Off *****: Boxer versus Two Left Feet - Australia

Original Review, both wines one year from vintage date, October, 2006: OK, here goes, a bit of an Australian brawl. Mollydooker's two 2005 shiraz-based wines, the 100% Boxer and the blend called Two Left Feet in a comparative tasting. The Boxer shows all purple and magenta; Two Left Feet full purple with just a hint of red wanting to peek through. The Boxer nose is full of cola cream and marshmallow; Two Left Feet adds just a hint of mineral and Cabernet varietal. The full, rich, round, finely tannin-ed flavor of The Boxer doesn't knock you out, but leaves you curled and happy on the mat for a long, long, long time; Two Left Feet brings you a little more smack of acid, not overpowering, but just a bit of edge to the creaminess. The Boxer is a meal unto itself, you can't even think about food when you're sipping it. Two Left Feet will let you dance your way, though slowly, to the buffet table. Two Left Feet is beautiful for a full frontal wine, splendid in a somewhat classical way. The Boxer though is a category unto itself. Still wine, for sure, but a wine of its very own devising. I won't say the fighter has trounced the dancers, but he's still throwing punches after they've called it an evening.

Updated review of Mollydooker Two Left Feet, 2005, now a whopping 12 years from vintage date, sampled in March, 2017:

Inspired by this wine:  Enveloped in a red-berry laced blanket sent by the gods, drifting off to a nap...

In the glass:  Deep muddy magenta, opaque from about a half inch off the edge.

On the nose:  Muddled blackberry compote with a sprinkle of cinnamon and cocoa.

On the palate:  Layers of deep berry, gliding across your upper and lower cheeks, bringing a continuous IV drip of flavors a full minute after you've finished your sip.  Clean after the lingering finish wraps.  Just touching five stars, and an awesome best value!

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